Alaska 2023


My family took our first cruise in 2023 to non other than the coast of Alaska. I wasn't fully sure what to expect, but whatever expectations I had were blown out of the water!

Space Needle - Seattle, Washington
Mount Rainier - View from the Space Needle
Ships in the Bay - View from the Space Needle

We flew from Atlanta to Seattle. Here we took a walk to the first ever Starbucks, Amazon, and the Iconic Space needle, which by the way is what inspired the art of the Jetsons cartoon show in the 1960's.

Coast of Alaska - Misty Fjords
Waiting in line for Fish & Chips in Ketchikan
Seals of the Misty Fjord
Family Excursion to the Misty Fjord Glaciers
Summit Scenic railroad in Skagway

Leaving out on our ship from the port in Seattle, we traveled up the coast of Alaska, including Ketchikan, Skagway, and Juneau.

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Right Before coming back into Seattle our ship also made a stop in Victoria, B.C. where we enjoyed some local brews and fish and chips.

Me and my Dad in the Misty Fjord

Overall traveling in Alaska on the week of the summer solstice was ideal for great weather and enjoyable views. It is increadable to think that despite how vast all the landscapes were across the coast, we probably only saw 1% of the state. I would greatly recommend this trip if you are looking for a little adventure.

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